Jinan Excitech CNC Technology Co., Ltd. (Xinghui)

Date: 2018-11-12 01:01:34, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Jinan  Excitech CNC Technology Co., Ltd. (Xinghui)
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Jinan Excitech CNC Technology Co., Ltd. (Xinghui)

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EXCITECH is a professional CNC machinery manufacturer. Our portfolio ranges from Panel Furniture Production Solutions, Multi-sized 5-Axis Machining Centers, Panel Saws, Point-to-Point Work Centers,to various work centers and boring machines dedicated to woodworking and other applications.
Rather than merely supplying stand-alone products, we offer customized solutions for businesses with small cost-efficient production in mind and those with highly automated projects that require high throughputs. These solutions have a proven record of offering definite advantages to users in assisting them to produce better products in a more efficient way, with lower cost and in a shorter time. The seamless integration of our machineries with industrial automation software and systems enhances our partners' competing edge by taking care of the labor cost impact, offering optimal yield and measurable savings,  in the meantime dramatically reducing cycle times.

Committment to Quality
Based in China, we look to the world’s first class quality standard as reference. We are among the very few Chinese manufacturers with a mind highly committed to providing machineries for the most demanding industrial use. All our products, from the most economical models to the most complicated ones, are invariably precision-engineered in the most advanced machining facilities. The whole manufacturing processes are meticulously and systemically controlled in order to guarantee the quality and precision. We understand that our customers need machines that can be relied on to perform and we make sure our partner’s investment will look just as good after years of service. 

Global presence, local reach 
We market our products through a strong and comprehensive sales network extending to the whole world market, including but not limited to the USA, Russia, Australia, Middle East, South America and South East Asia.Our geographic strength means that we can offer you the best CNC solution with combined local market knowledge no matter where you are.
Always here for you
Deeply rooted in our company’s philosophy is customer orientation, which is achieved through the concentration of technical know-how, combination of highest quality components, integration of advanced machining techniques, persistence of technological innovation, extension of sales network and specialization of after-sale service. All around the clock, all around the world, we are always here for you.
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