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 Jinneng Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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Jinneng Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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Jinneng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the Industrial Park of Qihe County (Shandong Province, China). The company is an energy-focused high-tech industrial enterprise based on production and operation of fine chemical products and coal chemical products. With total assets of 4.2 billion RMB and 3000 employees, it has floor area of 1.53 million square meters and the main products are coke, carbon black, silica dioxide, technical naphthalene, pitch, para cresol, sorbic acid, potassium sorbate, etc., whose application covers iron and steel, auto vehicles, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. As the key production base of para cresol and potassium sorbate all over the world, its comprehensive competitiveness ranks the top for coal industry products. Jinneng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was listed as the key allocated and connected company among the national coal industry by the ministry of industry and information technology.

In 1998, the parent company Shandong Reipu Chemicals Co., Ltd. was found and built the first fortune in fine chemical industry, making the product-para cresol into the first and best Brand in the world. Lasting 4 years, with cost of 1.5 million RMB, Shandong Reipu won the antidumping case of para cresol, contributing a lot for Chinese enterprises breaking through EU trade barriers. In 2004, Shandong Reipu expanded into coal chemical industry, starting the new Era of its development.  During the development since 1998, we insist on aggressive scale expansion, experienced great-leap-forward development of three-stage projects, and built up our unique competitive advantages in terms of resource utilization, integration of products structure, technical equipment and environmental protection. Owning such differentiated Jinneng-character, we initiated a new style of recycling economy in domestic coal chemical industry and awarded by US EPA the CHP Award (combined heat and power), being the sole overseas enterprise awarded by US Government until now.

At present, Jinneng has several provincial technical centers and national grade labs, and won over 20 national patents. It has built steady strategic cooperations with German BASF, Japanese Yokohma, American Unilever, Nestle and Chinese Shandong Steel Group and other reputed domestic and overseas companies. While gaining the domestic market share, our products are also exported as far as to Europe, U.S.A. Japan,Koreaand other countries and area. We are also certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP and Kosher standards, to be in line with the international practice.     

Adhering to the concept of “Golden Energy, Green Culture”, Jinneng Team is carrying forward the enterprise spirit of “Loyalty, Cooperation, Law-abiding, Competition” with firm conviction and passionate fighting spirit to create with practicability, trying to establish a respected public company with great reputation on aspects including efficient energy utilization, environmental friendly protection, innovative energy conservation and sustainable profitable development.

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