Liu Jiayi: To Moralize and Educate People with Excellent Culture

Date: 2018-05-21 00:58:43, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Today/Total Visits : 0/567

      Editor's Note: An essay wrote by Liu Jiayi, Secretary of Shandong CPC Provincial Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial People's Congress, has been published on a special issue for the ongoing two sessions of People's Daily on March 5. The full text follows.

      Prosperous culture leads to prosperous country, and abundant ideas lead to progressive nation. We should deeply tap and elucidate excellent China's traditional culture to highlight its modern significance, display its modern value and shape the modern sense of identity.

      Culture is the root and the soul of a nation, and cultural confidence acts as a more basic, profound and lasting strength. The core value has always been the spiritual bond for a national unity, as well as the common ethical basis of a nation. As one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization and cradle of Confucian culture, Shandong  is of profound history of excellent traditional culture. President Xi Jinping has placed great expectations on Shandong's cultural construction. During his inspection in Shandong in Nov. 2013, President Xi required us to vigorously promote the outstanding traditional culture and put more efforts into the construction of socialist core value system.

     As an old saying goes, "Its rich possession is what is intended by 'the greatness of its stories'; the daily renovation which it produces is what is meant by 'the abundance of its virtue'." Prosperous culture leads to prosperous country, and abundant ideas must lead to progressive nation. With a long history and deep foundation of culture, Shandong enjoys unique advantages in the study and elucidation, publication and communication of Confucianism, and has developed favorable work foundation.

      We must keep in mind the entrustment and requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, continue to dig deep into and elucidate the splendid China's traditional culture, and push forward the creative transformation and innovative development of outstanding traditional culture represented by Confucianism, so as to highlight its modern significance, display its modern value and shape the modern sense of identity, and make the outstanding traditional culture of China a part of constructing a socialist core value system. We should effectively promote the construction of moral Shandong, civilized Shandong and honest Shandong to moralize and educate the masses with outstanding fruits of Qilu culture.

      Shandong is one of the old revolutionary base areas. The masses here firmly listen to the Party and follow the Party; the army here is in complete harmony and sticks together in life and death with the people, which has entailed the Yimeng Spirit. President Xi Jinping pointed out that Yimeng Spirit is as valuable spiritual wealth as Yan'an Spirit, Jinggangshan Spirit and Xibaipo Spirit are, which are all should be carried forward and further developed according to the conditions of new era. We should always adhere to the direction of advanced socialist culture, combine the outstanding traditional culture with the red revolutionary gene, promote the cultural development and prosperity via steadfast cultural confidence, fully implement the task of cultivating and practicing the core socialist values, build a prosperous and colorful highland of moral culture with a tendency of advocating good virtues and doing good things, unleashing all the vitality, promoting the civilization and harmony, so as to shape a healthy and positive spiritual, civilized and humanistic atmosphere in Shandong.

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