Qingdao Intensifies Overseas Production Capacity Cooperation

Date: 2018-05-14 01:58:11, Source: english.qingdao.gov.cn, Today/Total Visits : 0/98

It is learned from Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission that in this year, Qingdao continues to strengthen exchanges and interactions with countries along the route of the Belt and Road Initiative and makes new progress in economy, trade, finance, ocean and culture etc.

In 2018, Qingdao supports “go international” of enterprises in the fields of equipment, technology, brand, standard and service and promotes international production capacity cooperation in home appliances, electronics, textile, garment, rubber, tyre, mechanical manufacturing and modern agriculture and records 62 new overseas production capacity cooperation projects. The municipal development and reform commission actively promoted the construction of 17 key overseas cooperation areas such as Haier-Ruba Economic Zone (HREZ) at Pakistan and South Africa Hisense Industrial Park. 380 million USD has been invested in the key projects and the overseas industrial parks have attracted 16 enterprises to establish their business presence by now.

Qingdao intensifies financial support to overseas acquisition and IPO of local enterprises. In the first two months of this year, 38 enterprises in Qingdao handled 60 cross-border financing business, worth of 1.523 billion USD, seven-fold increase year-on-year.

In Q 1, Qingdao opened 5 sea routes and opened or intensified 11 air routes. The number of sister port of the Port of Qingdao reached 22 after the Port of Qingdao and Port of Cartagena from Spain established sister port relationship.

Qingdao also encouraged the development of ocean going fishery. 10 local ocean fishery enterprises have established ocean going fishing cooperation projects in 12 countries and set up comprehensive ocean fishing bases at Myanmar, Congo (Brazzaville), Guinea Bissau, Senegal and Malaysia. In Q 1, the city’s ocean fishery enterprises had grown to 31, and 164 ocean going boats were built, including 109 fishing vessels.

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