Yantai Hosts Entrepreneurship Competition to Woo Domestic and International Talent

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The 2018 China Yantai elite entrepreneurship competition kicked off in Beijing according to a press conference held in the namesake city on May 15. Yantai has taken measures to attract more domestic and overseas talents to work and start business in the city.

Journalists from over 50 media, heads of 35 universities and research institutions, members from Western Returned Scholars Association and Association of Thousand Talents Program as well as representatives from Shandong provincial and municipal chambers of commerce in Beijing attended the event.

In recent years, Yantai, targeting to be a pioneer of development in Shandong, has vigorously pushed forward the shift of growth drivers, and made great efforts to build Yantai a leading city in advanced manufacturing, a modern logistics hub, a famous scenic spot for health preservation and a well-known cultural and tourism city. At the same time, Yantai has also accelerated the construction of a modern international coastal city highlighting innovative, open, inclusive, livable and business-and tourism-friendly.

In his speech, Wang Zhong, deputy executive mayor of Yantai, said talent is a crucial support for local development and competitiveness. Yantai invites talents from all over the world to study, work and start business in Yantai. Favorable development environment has been created and will be improved for talents there.

Bo Huayu, deputy chief of the municipal organization department briefed the human resource work in Yantai. In the past few years, Yantai has devoted major efforts to promoting the innovation-driven development and giving priority to the development of talent. Currently, Yantai boasts a total of 1.7 million talents including 80,000 high-caliber talents. And over 1,000 people are included in provincial talent programs or above.

Every year, more than 400 foreign high-caliber talents are introduced. Over 2,800 foreign senior technical and management talents work in Yantai throughout the year.

With the theme of "gathering in Yantai to create a win-win future", the competition starts from May and lasts till August. And for the first time, the competitions this year will also be held in Europe, North America and Asia to welcome more overseas talents to participate.

Winners of the competition are going to be invited to settle in Yantai innovation park for high-level talents, a talent agglomeration center and demonstration base fostered by the city. The city will provide favorable policies and rewards of as high as 6 million yuan to support winners.

Domestic participants can submit their materials on the talent management platform (http://chuangye.ytrc.gov.cn). Overseas contestants should first download the application files on the website of Thousand Talents Program (http://www.1000plan.org/) and e-mail all the materials to the designated mailbox (xueshouhao@yt.1000plan.org).

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