Prices of Edible Agricultural Products Continue to Pick up and Prices of Means of Production Increase Slightly

Date: 2018-06-11 03:41:34, Source: MOFCOM, Today/Total Visits : 0/70

According to the watchdog of MOFCOM, last week (May 28-June 3), the national market price index of the edible agricultural products increased by 0.5%, and the price index of the means of production increased by 0.4%.

In the market of edible agricultural products: the wholesale price of meat increased in general, and the price of pork was 17.73 yuan per kilogram, up 2.8%, the prices of mutton and beef were 49.03 yuan and 51.83 yuan per kilogram respectively, down 0.3% and 0.2% respectively compared with those in the last week. The average wholesale price of aquatic products continued to increase, and the prices of big hairtail, small hairtail and large yellow croaker increased the most by 2.1%, 1.5% and 1.4% respectively. The average wholesale price of 30 kinds of vegetables was 3.95 yuan per kilogram, up 0.3% over the previous week, and the prices of celery, scallion and string beans increased the most by 12.5%, 9% and 5.5% respectively. The overall wholesale price of poultry mainly increased. Among these, the prices of eggs and duck were 8.63 yuan and 17.27 yuan per kilogram respectively, up 0.9% and 0.8% respectively over the previous week, and that of chicken was 15.57 yuan per kilogram, down 1.1%. The wholesale price of edible oil fluctuated slightly, with the price of peanut oil up 0.6%, those of rapeseed oil and soybean oil both down 0.1%. The wholesale prices of grain and food decreased slightly, with that of rice down 0.2% and that of flour staying unchanged over the previous week.

In the market of production means, the price of steel increased by 0.4% over the previous week, and the prices of high-speed wire rod, screw-thread steel, hot-rolled common sheet and welded steel tube were 4134 yuan, 4040 yuan, 4315 yuan and 4264 yuan per ton respectively, up 0.6%, 0.5%, 0.5% and 0.5% respectively. The price of non-ferrous metal increased by 0.4% over the previous week, with the prices of nickel, tin and zinc up 4.9%, 3.5% and 1.8% respectively and those of lead, aluminum and copper down 0.5%, 0.1% and 0.1% respectively. The price of coal increased by 0.1%, among which the prices of coking coal and blind coal were 754 yuan and 850 yuan per ton respectively, up 0.4% and 0.2% respectively and that of steam coal was 593 yuan per ton, staying unchanged. The price of chemical fertilizer increased by 0.1%, with that of urea up 0.1%, that of NPK down 0.2%, and those of KCL and DAP staying stable. The price of rubber remained stable, with the prices of natural rubber down 0.2% and that of synthetic rubber up 0.2% respectively. The price of basic chemical raw materials decreased by 0.3%, with the prices of caustic soda, methyl alcohol and sodium carbonate down 2.5%, 1.2% and 0.3% respectively and that of sulphuric acid up 1.7%. 

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