She Chunming Met with Yutaka Aso, Chairman of Kyushu Economic Federation of Japan and His Parties

Date: 2018-08-08 07:31:26, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Today/Total Visits : 0/274

On June 22nd, Director She Chunming met with Yutaka Aso, Chairman of Kyushu Economic Federation of Japan, who came to attend the 9th Weihai International Food Expo in Weihai.

She Chunming stated that Shandong is one of the provinces with the closest economic and trade exchanges with Japan and has been actively committed to promoting local economic cooperation between China and Japan. Practicable results have been achieved in the areas of trade, investment, services, third-party markets, etc. Kyushu and Shandong Peninsula faces each other across the sea and has strong industrial complementarity. He hoped that the coastal cities such as Weihai and Kyushu will conduct exchanges and cooperation in the fields of food and agricultural products import and export, logistics distribution and customs clearance to foster a new model for local economic cooperation between China and Japan.  Weihai International Food Expo has been held for nine consecutive times. It is an important platform for expanding the opening up of new technologies and new products for food and agricultural products. At the meeting, Chairman Aso led Japanese Food Business Group to take part in the conference and opened a new chapter in pragmatic cooperation between the two parties. Yutaka Aso said that he attaches great importance to the exchanges and cooperation with Shandong and will further promote the exchange of visits between Japanese companies in the Kyushu region and Shandong, explore new commercial cooperation models in food and other fields, help promote the establishment of economic partnership between Weihai and Fukuoka, and constantly enhance mutual understanding and mutual benefit. After the meeting, Director She Chunming and Yutaka Aso signed a memorandum of cooperation on behalf of both parties. Director She Chunming, Deputy Secretary of Weihai Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Zhang Haibo accompanied Chinese and foreign guests to inspect the 9th Weihai International Food Expo that was opened on that day. There are more than 700 booths at the expo with 422 domestic and foreign companies exhibited, attracting about 2,000 professional buyers to discuss the transaction. During the visit, Director She Chunming went to Rongcheng Taixiang Food Co., Ltd. and Xunshan Group to conduct field surveys on fresh aquatic products import ports, cross-border e-commerce, integrated foreign trade service platforms and offshore ranch, and had talks on further enhancing customs clearance and Rongcheng Customs. Deputy Director Lv Wei and officials of Weihai city participated in the above activities.

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