Foreign Cooperation Recommendation Projects in Laiwu---Complete Equipment for Rodless Oil Extraction Project

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I. Profile of Project Unit

Shandong Weima Pump Industry Co., Ltd. with the registered capital of 50 million yuan, has listed stock transfer system in small and medium-sized enterprises on April 30, 2014. Its symbol is “Weima Share” for short, stock code "430732". Weima Share is a science and technology enterprise committed to the research and development of crude oil lifting equipment. Its products cover such products as oil well pump, screw pump, electric pump, precision steel pipes, motor, electric, down-hole testing system, etc.

Weima Share is a leader in the domestic market shares. Its oil drilling equipment and accessories have a good sales way in Shengli, Qinghai, Jianghan, Daqing, North China, Liaohe, Changqing, Yanchang, Henan, Jilin, Xinjiang and other markets. With the rapid development in the market abroad, it has successively entered many national oil enterprises over 15 countries and regions, such as Oman, India, Myanmar and Uzbekistan.

    Ma Baozhong, senior engineer, set up this company in 1994. He now serves as the president and general manager, director of China Oil Gas Well Equipment and Technology Center, director of for Rodless Oil Extraction Research Center and Expert Committee. He is a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution of Shandong province, directed and completed nine national, provincial and municipal research projects, applied 27 national patents.

II. Project Construction Content

Produce and process the whole equipment of rodless oil extraction. The complete equipment for rodless oil extraction is integrated with six advanced technologies: permanent magnet motor supported by magnetic bearings, oil-submersible cable with long life service, a servo control system, hydraulic remote transmission, fiber optics detection, and intelligent remote control system. Compared with the traditional equipment, the current equipment only occupy an area 1/4 of the traditional one and are more energy-saving 48% higher than before while its investment is only half of the former and efficiency is two times even three times than it. Moreover, the safety performance is also greatly improved. Therefore, they have more obvious competitive advantages. The following three problems can be successfully solved: (1) the special mining requirements of horizontal well, jungle well and inclined shaft, (2) the long-existing problem of off-center wear, (3) and the long-existing problem of wellhead oil spill. Advantages: (1) The power transmission goes through qualitative change with the greatly improved system efficiency which is two times or three times than before. (2) The operation cost is greatly cut down with an energy-saving and power-saving rate of above 60%. (3) The equipment is small in size. Its occupied space is only 1/4 of that of traditional pumping equipment. So it can be transported conveniently. (4) The hydrostatic rodless oil extraction system can control several wells by the same one system.

III. Project Prospect

So it has great market potential to alternate the conventional oil extraction equipment. Given the current speed of development, there will be a need for 100,000 sets of rodless oil extraction equipment within the next 5 years. If the price is 200,000 yuan/set, there will be a market share of nearly 20 billion.

IV. Project Investment Requirement

Cooperation can be made in terms of capital and market.

The project plans to invest 150 million yuan

V. Benefit Analysis

Once the project is finished, it will generate an annual output value of 7.6824 billion yuan and the profits and taxes of 1.5786 billion yuan.

VI. Cooperation Method

Joint venture, technology introduction, the joint venture partner can take shares.

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