Foreign Cooperation Recommendation Projects in Laiwu---Electrostatic Nano-fiber Air Filter Material Industrialization Project

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I. Project Name

 Electrostatic Nano-fiber Air Filter Material Industrialization Project of Laiwu Kerun Auto Interior Material Co., Ltd.

II. Project Executor

Wang Hua, the legal representative of Laiwu Kerun Auto Interior Material Co., Ltd., bachelor degree, applied nine national patents, four of which has been authorized. He has deep theoretical foundation and rich technology development experience, and served as general manager in 2011.

III. Project Content

The project plans a total investment of 1.06 billion yuan, and a proposed area of 200 mu. It plans to build a factory covering more than 80,000㎡ which meets high standards of good sealing, good insulation properties and resin hardening ground, and to build the ancillary office and research building and other facilities. According to the plan, it will acquire 10 Nano-fiber production lines and its ancillary non-woven production lines. It is expected to produce the Nano-non-woven fabric of 10 million ㎡ per year with the annual sales revenue of 3 billion yuan and the profits and taxes of 900 million yuan.

The construction period of the project is 3 years. In the first phase, there will be an investment of 300 million yuan. The project covers an area of 100 mu to build the factory building of 10,000㎡, office building and research building of 5,000㎡ and supporting dormitories, canteens, etc. Two production lines of electro-spinning equipment and non-woven fabrics will be acquired to make the project put into use in the same year of construction. The second-phase project will be invested 760 million yuan with an area of 100 mu used to build the factory building of 20,000 ㎡, new added R&D building of 5,000㎡ and supporting dormitories, canteens, etc. Eight sets of electro-spinning equipment and the supporting equipment will be acquired to reach an annual fabrics output of 10 million ㎡. Further develop the application area of products and make all equipment put into production so as to achieve the designed scale.

When the project is completed, it is expected to make an annual production capacity of air-filtering Nano-fiber membrane of 10 million ㎡ in order to achieve the annual sales revenue of 90 million yuan, the profits and taxes of 32 million yuan.

IV. Brief Introduction of Project Proprietary

By the end of April 2015, the project has completed pilot test. Now there is standard factory building of over 22,000㎡, with well-equipped supporting offices and power facilities. The company employs 260 staff, including 26 research personnel which occupy 10% of the total workforce. There are three part-time professors (one at home, two overseas) among the research personnel. The company has established the production-academy-research cooperation with Deakin University in Australia, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Shandong Vocational College of Science & Technology, laying the foundation for its sustainable development. The company has the most advanced world-class non-woven machine, such as production line for automotive internal decoration material of Gunther in Germany and high temperature sizing line. It sets up R&D departments such as products lab, testing room, independent laboratory for electrostatic spinning, and academician workstation.

V. Investment Requirement and Capital Usage of Project

Based on the latest construction status, the second-phase project can be started once the land quota is issued. The required investment is about 350 million yuan, among which 200 million yuan need be raised mainly to invest fixed assets such as the purchase of land and plant construction, equipment purchases and mold making. When the second-phase project is completed, the project will form a relatively complete casting industrial chain in order to bring in more economic returns to the local.

VI. Project Feasibility Analysis      

Main products of the company include: mainframe carpet for passenger car; luggage assemblies, sound absorbing and thermal insulation materials, air filter material, filter material for automobile engine, etc. The electrostatic nano-fiber membrane has such surface effects as high activity, high energy and high specific surface area, which makes it have a great potential in producing filter material with high performance. In recent years, researchers around the world are devoted to the study on electrostatic nano-fiber air filter media in order to control PM2.5. The BBC’s latest research report shows that global Nano-fiber market will grow rapidly in the future as well as the average annual growth rate above 30% in the next five years. It will grow more rapidly especially in the field of filtration (air filtration, liquid filtration). The growth rate in the market of nanometer filter material will be much higher than that of traditional media.

VII. Benefit Increasing Analysis Report

This project mainly uses PA6 nanometer fiber based on a newly-developed sprayer-free electrostatic spinning device as material for air filtration. The material can be used in PM2.5 respirator, surgical mask, car engines, air conditioners, exhaust filters, and room air purification. It can also be further applied in such fields as molecular filtration, isolation of chemical and biochemical medicine.

The demand for filtration materials in China grows at a double-digit rate each year. The requirement for it is also getting higher and higher. The electrostatic nano-fiber filter material features in static electricity, small fiber diameters, large specific surface area, and light weight in unit acreage, high filter precision. It will lead to revolutionary change in air filter material as well as the major development direction in the future, so it has an unexpected market prospect.

VIII. Investor’s Right Description

        The total normal annual profit of the project is 281,536,200 yuan and the net profit is 211,152,100 yuan (according to the relevant provisions of national tax laws, the income tax rate is taken into account by 25%, the 10% after-tax profit is used as statutory surplus reserve, and the rest profits is available to be distributed among investors). 

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