Foreign Cooperation Recommendation Projects in Laiwu---Graphene Industrial Quantity Production Project

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I. Project Name

Graphene Industrial Quantity Production Project of Laiwu Jiuchen Nano Material Co., Ltd.

II. Basic Information of the Company

Laiwu Jiuchen Nano Material Co., Ltd. was registered in September 2012. It carries out successively a variety of powers crush tests. The crush function of equipment is tested by the relevant authoritative departments. It turns out that the diameter of crushed product can be equal to or smaller than 100 nanometers. There is no index for crush function at home and abroad. The company’s technology and process lie in the world-class level.

III. Project Content

The involved content in the project mainly refers to graphene.

The project aims to: (1) develop graphene material for the conductive agent of lithium batteries to achieve the annual capacity of 1000 tons and gradually achieve the annual capability of 5,000 tons up to 2018. (2) Develop the functional graphene material such as super capacitor, nano composite material so as to achieve the annual capacity of 1,000 tons. (3) Produce graphene quantum dots that can be applied in multiple fields in order to achieve the annual capability of 1,000 tons. (4) Achieve the quantity production of 1,000 tons graphne in other fields.

The main application fields of products: 1. Conductive agent for lithium battery electrode; Anode material for lithium battery; 2. Super capacitor; 3. Heat conduction and dissipation membrane material; 4. Catalyst carrier and catalyst; 5. Polymer nano composite; 6. Strong anticorrosive coating used for engineering pipes and ships etc. 7. Military projects etc.

Based on Tsinghua University and Shandong University, Laiwu Jiuchen Nano Material Co., Ltd. sets up an interdisciplinary chiasmatype nano-powder crush and its application technology research center in cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of National Defense, and China Academy of Space. The research focuses on such application fields of graphene quantum dots and graphene materials as fast charging and discharging battery with large capacity, super capacitor, super heat conduction and dissipation membranes, grapheme polymer alloy, defense industry. The nano-powder crush technology is fully leveraged to make the Company stand at a leader in the future technology, which provides a strong technological support for the project.

The company sets the standard in all involved application fields and takes over commanding height and speaking rights of grapheme application in all fields through using graphene quantum dots and grapheme material as the origin. A layout for industrialized application will be formed gradually. Combined with the relevant companies at home and abroad, the company plans to create graphene nano material industry cluster. It strives to grow into a multinational company within 3-5 years and a listed company with market value of 100 billion US dollars within 10 years.

IV. Work Foundation of the Company

The graphene project in the Laiwu Jiuchen Nano Material Co., Ltd. has completed the pilot test of graphene production technology, related technological equipment manufacturing, and settled the processes of kiloton industrial production of graphene. By now, the production capacity has reached to 10 tons annually.

The company has made cooperation in R&D and industrialized production of graphene with multiple institutes such as Institute of Physics of CAS, Tsinghua University, Shandong University, an enterprise producing lithium batteries and a military enterprise.

V. Progress Arrangement

 (I). Conductive agent and anode material for lithium battery:

From January to December in 2015, the related indicators of conductive agent for lithium battery will be determined. A production line of 300 tons will be established and put into production. Based on the existing targeted institutes, efforts are made to further expand applied relations, and to establish a sales system initially.

From January to December in 2016, the annual capacity and sales of 300 tons will be achieved.

From January to December in 2017, the annual capacity and sales of 1,000 tons will be achieved.

In 2018, the annual capacity and sales will be expanded to 5,000 tons gradually with a global market share of 20%.

(II). From June to December in 2015, the R&D and application tests of graphene material used for super capacity, and heat conduction membrane for electronic products such as cellphone will be finished. A corresponding hundred-ton production line will be established with an initial establishment of market application system. From the year of 2016, the production line will be expanded to make a thousand-ton production line and a global marketing system will be formed gradually.

(III). From June to December in 2015, the Company will set up a horizontal cooperation with related military enterprises to jointly research graphene material used in the military and aerospace field such as stealth aircraft, missiles, blackout bomb, conductive printing ink, anti-corrosive paint against high temperature. In 2016, a thousand-ton production and sales system will be established correspondingly.

VI. Financing Introduction

The financing of Phase I is mainly used for a 300-ton production line of graphene material for lithium battery, land and factory for the project and laboratory analytical equipment. It includes in detail: 1. 30 million yuan as construction funds of the production line; 2. In the principle of “One case, One Meeting for High-end Project” by local government, striving for relevant privilege, it is estimated to use 30 million yuan as land fund of 300 mu. 3.15 million yuan for factory and office buildings; 4. 10 million yuan uses for laboratory equipment for research and development; 5. Liquid fund: 10 million yuan. 95 million yuan is required in total.

VII. Benefit Analysis of Expected Outcomes

Comprehensive investment in land, factory and production line can refer to the investment in graphene material for lithium battery. The production cost is 1.5 million/ton, and the future market price is 10 million yuan/ton. If the annual production and sales of 1,000 tons will be achieved until 2018, there will be an output value of 10 billion yuan and gross profit of 8.5 billion yuan.

The potential and important economic significance of graphene quantum dots production technology in the project is that: It is used firstly in the world with important and wide application. And it sets the standard in price.

VIII. Project Development Outlook

The technologies involved in the project have integrated the nano-powder technological achievements of the sponsors in the recent decades. Therefore, they and the related products will enjoy a leading position in the global range in the next 30 years. Up to now there are no related equipment and technologies around the word. The graphene and graphene material involved in the project can be applied in the wide range, and further extended in such fields as fast charging and discharging lithium battery with large capacity, super heat conduction and dissipation membranes and super capacitor. When the project gets to a certain stage, the following projects will be developed in real time: I. fast charging and discharging graphene quantum dots battery with large capacity; II. graphene superconductive and heat dissipation membrane; III. graphene super capacitor. They form an industrial cluster centering on products in the project. The Company is believed to become a world-class listed company with market value above 100 billion US dollar and lead the graphene industrialization development. 

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