Foreign Cooperation Recommendation Projects in Laiwu---Lighting-class LED Development and Industrialization Project

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I. Project Name

Lighting-class LED Development and Industrialization Project

II. Construction Content

1. Main Content of This Project Construction

 (1) New construction area of 10000㎡.

In which: production plant of 8,000㎡; scientific research and testing labs of 1,000㎡; office area of 1000㎡

 (2) Acquisition of advanced equipment 60 sets.

 (3) Acquisition of utility equipments and supporting facilities construction.

2. Construction Scale

The planned annual production of lighting-class LED is 12,000 sets.

3. Technology Characteristics

In the lighting-class LED light source, a high frequency phonon heat sink aluminum epitaxial wafer is put directly on the cooling structure, then topped with phosphor layer, coated with silica gel, and installed with lens. And its core technology is to make an epitaxial wafer as a light source, which skips others steps. This will be the future trend in lighting. The product drawing is as followed.

III. Background and Necessity of Project Construction

The traditional light bulb with high energy consumption and short service life is gradually banned by governments because the global resources and the energy are in shortage. And its alternative is energy-saving lamp. Though energy-saving lamp saves energy, the application of heavy metal mercury in it also brings serious environmental pollution. With the rapid development of technology, lighting-class LED light source gradually becomes the choice of new green lighting. LED lighting technology is far more outstanding than the traditional lighting products on the level of lighting principle, energy-saving and environmental protection. And it will become a new favor in the market. The LED is efficient solid-state light source, unlike incandescent lamp which needs transformation of electrical energy into heat energy, then into light energy. So with the same brightness, the LED light needs only 1/10 of the incandescent lamp’s power consumption, while its life can be extended by 100 times. With the acceleration of urbanization, green, efficient, long-life LED gradually comes into the public eyes. Currently, LED lighting technology gets mature, making energy-saving lighting a reality.

China has a huge lighting industry and market, and is one of the world large producers and exporters of lighting electrical appliance. Through the “863 Program”, China has formed a complete industrial chain composed of wafer production, chip preparation, devices packaging and integrated application. Though LED lighting has been applied to many areas, it cannot meet the demands for high-end lighting which requires high efficiency, high brightness and high reliability. But lighting-class LED meets all these high-end lighting needs.

IV. Relevant Information of Executor

Tian Fanggong, male, 60 years old, bachelor degree, engineer, is the president of Laiwu Phoenix New Energy Technology Group and local famous entrepreneur. 

Ji Aihua, project technical director, doctor degree, senior engineer, invented 98 patents, undertook 36 LED projects, joined in five 863 projects, has various practice and management experience of many years in the production, technology, quality of LED for military and civilian products, senior technical consultant of UK International Science Center, member of International Lighting Committee, enjoys the government subsidy, member of Thousands of People Plan.

V. Required Cooperation

1. The project of lighting-class LED development and industrialization needs to employ an Executive Director to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

2. The total investment is 80 million yuan. 30 million yuan has been raised, while there is 50 million yuan still required.

VI. Economic Benefit Analysis

When the project is completed, its annual sales revenue can be up to 180 million yuan, with an average gross profit of 28.2909 million yuan, sales tax and extra charges of 1.3585 million yuan. Financial analysis shows that the financial internal rate of return for the total investment in the project is 24.62%. The payback period is 2.21 years. 

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