Foreign Cooperation Recommendation Projects in Laiwu---Processing and Production Project of Fastener of Middle and Top Grade Automobile

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I. Project Name

Processing and Production Project of Fastener of Shandong Jiujia Fastener Co., Ltd.

II. Profile of Project Unit

Shandong Jiujia Fastener Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2012, covering an area of 300 mu, with the registered capital of 100 million yuan.

Shandong Jiujia Fastener Co., Ltd. is a large-scale high-end professional fastener manufacturer. It integrates production, research and development, testing and sales in a whole. It mainly produces automotive fasteners with high-strength and high-performance, non-standard series of shaped pieces and fine line products, and also undertakes surface treatment (phosphating, electroplating, Dacromet coating), processing of heat treatment products. Its products are sold to the relevant industries home and abroad.

The Company’s main devices for production and inspection are imported from abroad, including spheroidizing annealing equipment, drawing equipment, multi-station molding equipment, heat treatment equipment, surface treatment equipment, automatic warehouse, automatic packaging machines, automatic filtering equipment and tensile machine, spectrometers, profiler and other testing equipment. The Company adopts ERP information management system to strengthen internal management, technology management, quality management in the Company, thus to improve product quality and work efficiency. It employs a number of medium and senior technicians devoted in fastener production and management for several decades, and has a strong product development and design team.

III. Project Construction Content and Scale

The project mainly aims to build manufacturing plant of 84,000㎡, R&D testing building of 1,700㎡, office building of 4,300㎡ and other auxiliary facilities. It produces various supporting medium and high-grade fasteners for well-known automobile manufacturers such as Zhongtong Bus, Beiqi Foton, Dongfeng Motor. And its annual production capacity is 80,000 tons.

IV. Project Construction Condition

So far it has built office building, cold forming workshop, heat treatment workshop, surface treatment workshop, packaging workshop. The office building has been put into use, while cold forming workshop and heat treatment workshop have gone into normal production. The surface treatment equipment has been installed and gone into the commissioning phase. The sewage processing line has completed its installation and testing. The material reform workshop has come to the end of construction. And the finished products and semi-finished products warehouse is still under construction.

V. Total Investment and Capital Source of the Project

 Total investment is 800 million yuan. Financing components: (all the money is self-raised and bank loan is zero)

VI. Market and Economic Benefit Analysis and Prediction

When the project is put into production, it will have an annual production of 80,000 tons of medium and high-end automotive fasteners, fasteners for high-speed rail and intercity rail with high strength and high grade. The estimated annual sales income is 1.5 billion yuan as well as taxes and profits of 300 million yuan. And there will be an employment of 400 people.

VII. Cooperation Method

Joint venture, cooperation and other 

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