Laiwu City-Key Projects for Business Attraction of Xueye Tourist Area

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I. Introduction of Xueye Tourist Area

Xueye Tourist Area, located in the north of Laiwu with a total area of 239 square kilometers, is the provincial tourist resort inShandong, as well as the permanent venue for China International Aviation Sports Festival and the national water conservancy scenic area.

The largest water area inXueyeLakeis 15 square kilometers. It can store 220 million cubic meters water. The provincial Huashan Forest Park and Maanshan Forest Park are called as “Natural Oxygen Bar” with the forest covering rate up to 70% and extremely high negative oxygen ion, which is a good place for health, recreation, entertainment and leisure. There are the Great Wall of Qi 400 years earlier than the Great Wall of Qin, the historic site for Confucius Jiagu meeting, and the historic villages of Ming and Qing dynasties includingTempleofGoddess, Lyuzu Spring and so on. The area is rich in specialty resources, among which, “Xueye Fish Head” isShandonglocal gourmet. Xueye Tourist Area is 60 km away from Jinan Yaoqiang Airport, 90 km away from West Station of Jinan High-speed Rail, crossed by Jinan-Qingdao highway and three provincial roads; it only takes one and a half hours from the Xueye Tourist Area to Beijing and three and a half hours to Shanghai by high-speed railway, which is connected by Beijing-Shanghai highway.

Xueye Tourist Area has successfully created the compound 3D tourist system about water, land and air. In the water aspect, it has successfully held over 30 water sports competitions including National Teenagers Windsurfing Championships and National Carrack Invitational Tournament and National OP Sailing Championships. In the land aspect, emphasis was laid on the construction of ski resort, mountain sport center, touring car club and so on. Simultaneously, it held 40 mountain sports competitions, including the bicycle race around the lake, marathon around the lake, foot race of the Great Wall of Qi and National Automobile Venue Cross-country Championships and so on. In the air aspect, it has successfully held three times of CIAF. On Aug.13, 2014, China International Aviation Sports Festival became one of the two brand activities preserved inShandongProvince, which is approved by the State Council. It continues to be held in Xueye, Laiwu. In the same year, the Xueye airport got the operation license of general civil aviation and it was also listed in the Medium and Long Period Development Plan of General Aviation Industry ofShandongProvince.

Xueye Tourist Area, close to provincial capital,Jinan, is an important gateway from Laiwu toJinanas well as a bridgehead for Laiwu to be a part ofJinan. In 2013, Shandong Provincial Committee and Government made an important decision to build the economic circle of provincial capital group and the coordinated area between Jinan and Laiwu, accelerate the construction and realize the “three unified” (unified organizational leadership, unified strategic planning, unified significant layout) and “five urban integration” (urban integration of traffic, communication, household management, public service and resource allocation), to make it become a prior demonstration area of regional integration development in Shandong Province and provide new and large development opportunity for Xueye.

Based on the “three functional regions”, including air sports region, mountain sports region and water sports region, investment attraction has been carried out aiming at the large enterprise and financial clique with the famous enterprises including Country Garden Holdings, Evergrande Real Estate Group and Greentown settled successfully. It has attracted total investment of RMB 56.7 billion yuan for 32 tourist functional projects of all kinds including Xueye agri-expo garden, aviation scientific and technological sports park, yacht club, Evergrande super five-star restaurant, hot spring holiday village, and mountain sports center.

II. General Plan

In line with the principles of high-level, high-standard and high- taste, AECOM has been engaged to compile the conceptual planning and China Academy of Urban Planning and Design has been engaged to compile the general planning.

Orientation of character: center town of mountainous economic region in the north ofLaiwuCity, lake shore leisure resort in the metropolitan area ofJinan,Chinainternational aviation sports and leisure tourist base.

Development goals: new characteristic city for lake shore tourist with the integration of health resort, sports and leisure; national-level lake shore tourist resort.

Tourist characteristics: 3-D sports and leisure tourism of water, land and air.

Spatial layout: one region, one belt and three sectors.  One region: lake shore comprehensive tourism region; one belt:TongtianRiverecological leisure belt; three sectors: west tourist sector of mountain scenery, north tourist sector of folklore ecology and east tourist sector of country ecology.

Key industrial parks for business attraction: Culture creativity industrial park, Xueye ecological software park, Xueye aviation industrial park, tourist product processing park.       

III. Key projects for business attraction

                    Project Library


Project type

Project name


Ecological Xueye

Xueye ancient village, Xueye fishing village, Xueye mountain village, Xueye greenway, Xueye spring, wetland park, snowcap park, leisure wellness park


Sports Xueye

aquatic park, mountain sports center,TongtianRiverleisure camp, equestrianism club, Xueye dynamic amusement park


Financial Xueye

general aviation park, Xueye ecological software park, financial venture and headquarters economy , e-commerce industrial park, tourist product processing park, Xueye commercial street of famous and special products


Vigorous Xueye

outlets town, culture creativity base, Ying-Qin cultural custom section, screen cultural industry quarter, cartoon industrial park, performing arts plaza


Harmonious Xueye

commercial finance center, tourist service center, Xueye International School, Xueye General Hospital, community overall development project


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