Qingdao Wanfu Group Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-10-26 02:25:58, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Qingdao Wanfu Group Co., Ltd.
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Qingdao Wanfu Group Co., Ltd.

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Qingdao Wanfu Group Co., Ltd. is a large scaled enterprise in China, specialized in vegetable, meat, prepared products and high quality feed, more than 300 items production manufacturing, also the breeding, raising, slaughtering and deep processing of fine breed pig and chicken. The products are exported to numerous domestic cities and more than 10 countries and areas, such as, Japan, Korea, Middle East and East Europe, enjoying high reputation and ready market there.

The total asset of the company has reached RMB 1.39 billion yuan. The company consists of 30 sub-companies, and owns big cold storages, which can holds 50,000 tons frozen products and 10,000 tons of fresh products, and advanced processing equipments. For high quality purpose, the company established its own material supplying bases, such as vegetable supplying base (50,000 Chinese acres), pig raising base (which can supply 1 million pigs per year) and chicken raising base (which can supply 30 million chickens per year). Hitherto, there are about 10,000 workers working for Wanfu Group. In 2011, the company achieved sales revenues of RMB5.56 billion yuan, earned USD60.9979 million foreign exchanges, and paid tax for RMB27.3156million. The quantity of vegetable products exported to Japan was ranked as the third among the exporters in China. Meanwhile, the output of pig slaughter of the company was ranked the fifth in Shandong Province.

To improve the quality of products, the company attaches much importance to technology, and adopts standardization in production. The company introduced lots of nature vegetable, chicken, pig varieties, and advanced tech from abroad. The company put standardized production into practice each stage during the whole conduct, such as processing, quality control and shipment. To meet with the needs of foreign clients, the company developed lots of new products, such as flavored vegetable products, Vienna sausage, FD products, etc.

In order to guarantee the quality of products, the company has set up its quality management system. The company has been certificated by ISO9001, ISO14000 HACCP and GAP. Further, the company has also been registered by Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Ministry of Japan. The pork and chicken products processed by the company have been registered by CIQ. The quality test center of the company has been permitted by CNAS. Its meat product has been granted by the Agricultural Ministry as organic products, and the company logo has been approved as famous brand inShandongandQingdao.

The company has been recognized by several State Ministries as Key Enterprise for Agriculture Industrialization, National Norm Exporter for Gardening Products, National Model Enterprise for Farm Products Processing, National-level Trustworthy Township Enterprise, and Export-oriented Enterprise in the National Spark Program, etc.

While helping the local farmers to make a fortune, the company also repays the society by donating poor students, subsidizing schools, repairing roads and patronizing the construction of rural area, more than RMB500 million has been endowed by now.

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