Weichai Power Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-11-13 08:38:34, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Weichai Power Co., Ltd.
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Weichai Power Co., Ltd.

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Weichai Power Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise listed in Hong Kong in China’s engine industry, and also the first one returning from the H stock market to the A stock market. It owns 45,000 employees across the world, and is one of China’s automobile and equipment manufacturing groups with the most comprehensive strength.

The company owns three major business platforms of heavy-duty truck, powertrain and auto components. It has formed the only domestic most complete golden industrial chain of heavy-duty truck including engine, gear box, driving axle and commercial vehicle,established Weifang power business base for commercial vehicle and constructive machinery, Xi’an business base for heavy-duty truck and powertrain system, Chongqing business base for light vehicle, Zhuzhou business base for auto electronic and parts, Yangzhou power business base for bus and light miniature car. Each of the products is playing a decisive role in its field. Among those, high speed high power engine and heavy duty gear box ranks world No.1 respectively, heavy driving axle ranks domestic No.1, spark plug ranks domestic No.1 and world No. 3, heavy duty truck ranks the place before domestic No.4.

During the 13th Five-year-plan, Weichai will make every effort to develop itself into an international business group which is automobile-oriented with the core technology of powertrain, to play an unique and leading role in the world equipment manufacturing industry, and to achieve its great vision— “to be one of the top 500 enterprises of the world”.

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