Shandong Greatnut Cereals & Oils Industrial Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-10-26 02:17:54, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Shandong Greatnut Cereals & Oils Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Shandong Greatnut Cereals & Oils Industrial Co., Ltd.

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As a Sino–HK joint venture, Shandong Greatnut Cereals & Oils Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Taoluo Industrial Zone, Donggang District, Rizhao city, is established in July, 2005 and covers more than 110 mu. The company has two subsidiaries: Shandong Great Foodstuff Co., Ltd. and Shandong Oasis International Trade Co., Ltd. The company has own import-export operations right and registered capital of 18,260,000 RMB, mainly dealing with process and sales of peanuts and other agricultural commodities.

Main products include peanut kernels, peanut inshells, blanched peanut kernels, roasted peanut inshells, fried peanut kernels, covered peanut kernels, roasted peanut kernels, peanuts butter, peanuts oil and other flavor snacks.

Based on development way with high starting points and high standards, the company introduced advanced peanuts process line, and built 2000 square meters of high standard GMP workshop, as well as office building and apartment. Having invested 600,000 RMB to import global advanced Z-1 sortex selection machine from UK, the company became the first one using sortex selection machine in Rizhao city among peanuts industries.

In March, 2006, the company invested 500,000 RMB to introduce Agilent 1200 liquid chromatography from the U.S. and set 5 lab-workshops. As the most advanced lab with modern tech-equipment among the peanuts industries, it was honored as “Technology Centre of Shandong Province” in 2010.

The company sets modern enterprises system, carries out the global advanced performance appraisal management system and “6S” field management system, and uses BOS series management software system and Entre OA system. The modern enterprise operating and managing mechanism is featured with clear property right, definite responsibility, and scientific management. Shandong Greatnut Cereals & Oils Industrial Co., Ltd. passed certification of IS09001:2000, UKAS and HACCP.

With wide and well tech-cooperation with Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong Polytechnic University, Qufu Normal University, Rizhao Polytechnic College, the company arranged many employees to take part in professional training, academic marketing, technical exchange, etc. Among the staff in the company, there are 187 with minimum college diploma, 5 senior engineers among 23 normal engineers, 3 senior technicians in 50 technicians, and 150 senior workers. The company emphasizes exploration for new products. To realize humanism and automation, we invest more than 2,000,000 RMB in the contract with Beijing Dongnao Marketing Company to integrate new technology, new idea and new concept.

The company insists on principle with people-oriented and harmonious development, paying more attention on improvement of every worker. There is a training base in the company that improves staff’s ability and holds technology matches every year.

Every year, the company organizes outward development, spring outing, arty programs to celebrate festivals, and total healthy physical test for all staff. Every month, for every employee, there is 300 RMB as table money and the company controls the meal quality strictly. On birthday of the staff, the company will give a birthday cake and flower. There is a labor union here to offer maintenance grants to the one who is hard living. We try to let every employee work and live happily in the company.

With the high social responsibility sense, to develop well and fast, we make great efforts as a leader company and promote farmers to increase income.

Our company has received honors as follows:

In 2006, it was honored as one of “30 private food enterprises with best development in Shandong”.

In 2007, it was named as one of “10 brands promoting agriculture in Shandong”.

In 2007, it was honored as “leading enterprise in industrialization of agriculture in Rizhao city”.

In 2008, it was named as “national excellent food enterprise”.

In 2008, it was named as “the best-selling brand in the market of Chinese agricultural commodities” by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 2008, it registered trademark “YU WEI” which was named “Shandong famous trademark”.

In 2008, it was named “AAA grade credit enterprise” by CNFA.

In 2009, it got “organic product certification” certificate.

In 2010, it was named “leading enterprise in industrialization of agriculture in Shandong province”.

In 2010, it was named “national agricultural industrialization project of comprehensive agricultural development”.

In 2010, it was named “AAA credit enterprise in Rizhao city”.

In 2010, it was awarded the “Shandong provincial R & D center”.

In 2011, it was named “Shandong Famous Brand”.

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