Zibo Yinshilai Textile Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-11-19 01:50:08, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
 Zibo Yinshilai Textile Co., Ltd.
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Zibo Yinshilai Textile Co., Ltd.

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Zibo Yinshilai Textile Co., Ltd. is a high-tech textile enterprise principally engaged in the design, research, manufacturing and sale of high-end home textile and apparel fabrics and products made from various of new fibers and new materials with functional and differential properties, such as cotton, tencel, silk, bamboo fiber, corn fiber and soybean fiber, and so on.

The company is equipped with 924 sets of the world advanced shuttle-less loom (of which, there are 256 sets of high-speed electronic jacquard loom). The annual capacity for high-end fabrics can reach 70 million meters.

The company was ranked 8th in the textile and yarn-dyed industry’s top 20 enterprises in the year 2010 to 2011, and has been awarded one of National Textile Industry’s Top 50 Enterprises for 5 consecutive years. It was granted the status of “High and New Technology Enterprise” in September 2011 and granted by China Cotton Textile Association the honor of “First Jacquard Fabric Base of China” in May 2011. The company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and other certificates and has been awarded the “Optimized Credit Customer” by Shandong Provincial Banking Association.

The company emphasizes on product innovation, and the level and diversification of the products are standing at the leading position inChinatextile industry. The products of the company have received awards and honors such as “China Top Brand”, “Certificate for Product Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection”, “Culture Innovation Enterprise of China Textile Brand”, “The Most Influential Fabric Products in the Past 60 Years”, “Users Trust Superior Products”, “Fabric China Appraisal Entry Enterprise-2011 Spring/Summer”, “Fabric China Appraisal Partner Enterprise-Autumn/Summer 2010/11”, “Optimized Supplier for China Knitting Industry” and other innovation and design awards in the textile industry. In August 2008, Mr. Du Yuzhou, the president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, inscribed “Weaving Art” for the company, which makes high affirmation and summarization to the R&D and management capability of the company.

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